Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced Paperback with IELTS Academic Testbank: And How to Avoid Them




1 Articles: the before general concepts
2 Articles: alan before noun phrases
3 When do I use capital letters?

Test 1
4 When do I use when, if and whether?
5 Punctuation: commas with discourse markers
6 Punctuation: using apostrophes

Test 2
7 Common spelling mistakes
8 Spelling: one word or two?
9 Adjective forms

Test 3
10 Using prepositions: with nouns
11 Using prepositions: after verbs
12 Using prepositions: describing trends and changes

Test 4
13 Describing statistics: using prepositions
14 Describing statistics: nouns
15 Describing statistics: verbs

Test 5
16 Number and amount
17 Making comparisons
18 Expressing contrast

Test 6
19 Countable and uncountable nouns
20 Singular and plural verb forms
21 It, they and them

Test 7
22 Verbs: being and having
23 Commonly confused verbs: join/attend, givelprovide
24 Verb collocations

Test 8
25 Commonly confused nouns: habits, customs and practices
26 Commonly confused nouns: effect, influence and impact
27 Commonly confused nouns: time words

Test 9
28 Using nouns: appearance and communication
29 Using nouns and adjectives: male or men?
30 Using nouns and adjectives: Britain, British or Briton?

Test 10
Answer key

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